MY Astro - 大团圆 歌词翻译

歌手:MY Astro
歌词翻译 (English)

Grand Reunion

Let's say "Congratulations" and welcome the new year and a wonderful new day
Everyone posts couplets on their doors, welcoming the arrival of spring

Wanderers long to return home, the young and old celebrate being together
Forming a circle in the courtyard, sharing every longing

In the new year, we make wishes, hoping for a bountiful year
May everyone be healthy and happy, with smiles on their faces

Hey! Grand reunion, grand reunion
No matter how far apart
Good friends by my side
We promised to meet on this day

Grand reunion, grand reunion
Holding hands, hearts united
Wishing you prosperity and longevity
Congratulations and boundless happiness
原始歌词 (Chinese)


说一声恭喜贺新年 迎接美好的新一天
人人在门前贴春联 欢迎春降到人间

游子们想念回家园 老老少少庆团圆
围一个圆圈在庭院 诉说每一段思念

新的一年你我许心愿 希望新的一年会是丰收年
每一个人都身康体健 天天笑容满面

嘿! 大团圆 大团圆
好朋友 在身边

大团圆 大团圆
手牵著手 心相连
祝福你 福寿全