Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift
流派:Country music, Electropop, Pop, Pop-Folk

Taylor Swift歌曲列表

歌曲 歌词翻译 专辑
exile 放逐 (中文) folklore (2020)
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together 我们绝对不会重修旧好啦 (中文) Red (2012)
Death By a Thousand Cuts 千刀万剐 (中文) Lover (2019)
Love They Haven't Thought of Yet 他们没有体验过的爱 (中文) Single
Lover 亲密爱人 (中文) Lover (2019)
You're Not Sorry 你不觉得对我不起 (中文) Fearless (2008)
Fifteen 十五岁 (中文) Fearless (2008)
Teardrops On My Guitar 我结他上的泪滴 (中文) Taylor Swift (2006)
Picture to burn 要烧掉的照片 (中文) Taylor Swift (2006)
Invisible 透明 (中文) Taylor Swift (2006)
I'm Only Me When I'm With You 我只有和你一起时才能做自己 (中文) Taylor Swift (2006)
Cruel Summer 残忍的夏天 (中文) Lover (2019)
Treacherous 险峻 (中文) Red (2012)
The Man 卓越的男人 (中文) Lover (2019)
Cornelia Street 科妮莉亚街 (中文) Lover (2019)
This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things 这就是为什么我们不能高档 (中文) reputation (2017)
Should've Said No 当时应该拒绝 (中文) Taylor Swift (2006)
Our Song 我们的歌 (中文) Taylor Swift (2006)
New Year's Day 初一 (中文) reputation (2017)
Style 风格 (中文) 1989 (2014)